JavaScript Live API Tutorials

These articles explain how to hack on Ableton Live with JavaScript.

Assumptions: You have Ableton Live 9 Suite, which comes with Max for Live. You should know how to program JavaScript, and it will help if you are familiar with Max.

If you need help with JavaScript, try the Mozilla Developer Network.

Ok? Let's get started. Here's the table of contents:

  1. Setup: how to start coding with JavaScript in Max for Live
  2. Logging & Debugging: how to log useful info to the Max window in order to debug your JavaScript
  3. API Basics: how to access and manipulate Live objects in JavaScript
  4. MIDI clips
    1. Reading MIDI Clips: how to access the notes of a MIDI clip
    2. Writing MIDI Clips: how to modify the notes of a MIDI clip
  5. Building a User Interface: connecting JavaScript to a Max for Live device GUI
  6. [COMING SOON / partially written] Going Deeper: Live API advanced features and gotchas

Adam Murray, April—June 2014
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