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This page lets you try out Cosy from the comfort of your browser. If you don't know what Cosy is, I describe it here. The text entered into the form on this page will submit to my web server where Cosy happily churns out a MIDI file[1]. These examples serve as a very rough initial attempt at some documentation.


Select an example and click the Download button below to generate a MIDI file. Feel free to change the example sequence or try writing your own.

  1. Please note that MIDI files are just instructions for generating music, not the raw audio data that you would find in a .wav or .mp3 file. MIDI files will normally play using your soundcard's built-in MIDI synthesizer, which probably sounds like a cheap 1980's synthesizer. This was the easiest way to let anyone try out Cosy from a web site. Remember, Cosy is about sequencing. It is up to the synthesizers to make it sound good. I typically would send MIDI to something like Logic to generate good-sounding output.