News » 25 January 2014

Max Section Updated

If you are a user of Cycling '74's visual programming environment Max, note that I've updated all of my Max content on this website. Some of the examples were really out of date and have all been updated for Max 6.

I also changed my approach for sharing Max patchers. In many cases, you no longer have to download any files. Instead, I'm using Max's "copy compressed" feature, which converts the patcher into a chunk of compact ASCII text. This can easily be copy and pasted right out of the browser. Point is, it's much faster to pull things down into Max now and start playing with it. There are detailed instructions for using this copy/paste approach on the relevant pages.

Head over to my Max section to check it out.

I hope to add a lot more content there in 2014. I have some interesting things to share for Max for Live...