News » 17 June 2009

New Series Of Articles: Live + Logic

I haven't been very good about updating this site or my software so far this year. I am still doing lots of computer music stuff, though! I changed priorities back in December/January and started trying out lots of new software in order to expand my horizons, educate myself on what's out there, and get new ideas for my own software.

One result of this exploration was I switched over to Ableton Live as my primary environment for making music. Coming from Logic I wanted to continue using Logic's instruments, but I found this was a pain in the ass to accomplish and I had to spend a lot of time experimenting.

For posterity's sake, and because it's past time for me to put some actually interesting/useful content on this site again, I'm writing a series of articles about using Live and Logic together. Article #1, the Overview, can be found here with more to follow soon.

[Update: June 20, 2009] I've posted the second article, MIDI Routing.

[Update: July 30, 2009] I posted the next article, routing audio with Wormhole.