News » 26 May 2008

Ajm Objects 0.8 Released

I am happy to announce version 0.8 of ajm objects for Max/MSP.

This release takes the embedded Ruby support from "proof of concept" to being quite usable and useful.

A new scriptfile feature allows for streamlined Ruby script writing in an external editor (like TextMate). It supports an autowatch mechanism so changes to the script file will automatically reload in Max/MSP. And ruby scripts can now be located anywhere on the Max search path.

Another major new feature is shared context. Multiple ajm.ruby objects can share the same Ruby evaluator with all the classes, methods, and variables defined for that evaluator. I find this very useful for larger patches where you want one master object to control the state of the patch. Shared context works with the sequencing objects too.

Speaking of the sequencing objects, they now support embedded ruby code snippets that will evaluate each time the sequencer encounters the snippet. Lots of fun possibilities for algorithmic composition.

These are just a few of the most noteworthy changes. For the full changelog, see the ajm objects CHANGELOG