News » 01 October 2008

Cosy Is Coming

I haven't updated this site in way too long, so I wanted to share some info on what I've been working on. Rest assured I am still working on a lot of compusition-related stuff. It's been a busy summer and I've started too many new projects, so nothing is ready to share yet. Soon though...

So what the heck is "Cosy"?

It's a language for sequencing that I'm developing from scratch to meet my own music composition needs. I've had the idea for years, but until recently didn't have the experience to effectively pull it off. Using Max/MSP the last two years has taught me a lot about computer music. My Max/MSP sequencing objects (from the ajm objects library) that I started developing last year were really a precursor to a full fledged sequencing language. The work I've been doing with Ruby helped set the stage too.

You can read about Cosy here.

Cosy is pre-pre-alpha software at this point. The syntax is still being defined (I keep experimenting and changing my mind about how things should work), and I have a lot of implementation to do still. But it is already somewhat usable. I plan to have an interactive Cosy MIDI file generator live on this website by about mid-October, so if this sounds interesting to you, please check back soon!