News » 25 January 2008

Popularity Growing For Alternative Control Devices

One of the great things about computer music is it opens up all sorts of interaction possibilities. It's pretty amazing what can be done with software, but that doesn't compare to what can be done with software + interactive hardware + creative human beings.

One of my favorite control devices is the minimalist LED button interface called Monome. These are hand assembled by a very small group of people, so they only release a hundred or so every few months.

The first batch was 400 units that released back in May of 2006 and took a year to sell out. Since then there have been a few batches of different variations of the original product. Fast forward to today: they released 100 more units and sold out within 2 minutes! Wow! Clearly, word has spread. Congratulations to the Monome team for a job well done. I hope others are paying attention to this phenomena because we could use more controllers like this.