Music » Unchunked

Duration 5:38
Completed Original Version: January 2011.
Updated version (found here): January 2014

I wrote this song when I first started trying to "make an album" of unique electronic music. But I couldn't make it good enough to meet my own impossibly high bar. Thus started a 3 year creative block limbo where I made a bunch of songs but never quite finished any, and never felt like I could share them.

That was bullshit. Thankfully, I'm finally getting over it. It's ok that my skills are not yet as good as I want them to be. That's part of the journey, and that's why I need to keep making songs so I keep getting better at it. They aren't going to be perfect.

That said, it was fun to take something I made 3 years ago, listen to it with a fresh perspective, and use my somewhat improved skills to polish it into something new.

If you are interested, here is the original version from 2011.