Music » Scattering

Duration 4:41
Completed November 2008
Description light scattering after glow


Made entirely with Logic Pro 8, although some of the material was inspired by experiments with my own software. I've added some new tricks to my repertoire with this song: sidechain processing and glitch (stutter and repeat) effects. The rhythm was created in a way that is new to me, by starting with a full continuous sound and removing pieces of it to create distinct notes. In other words, most of what you hear is what was left after cutting a lot out of the starting material. I used some drum loop samples for the first time, not out of laziness, but because I found something that had the right vibe that I wanted. I was more interested in processing the sound than trying to meticulously recreate it from individual drum hits. I used to think this was "cheating" but now I've come around to the idea that this is a completely valid and fun way of making music.