Music » Revival Of The Ancients

Duration 7:14
Completed February 2008
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"Revival of the Ancients" is another postminimalist piece with classical instrumentation ("Mind and Heart" is another one). The goal was to be simple, yet intricate. Pitches are limited to a major pentatonic scale. Repetitive rhythms layer together to create polyrhythms.

This is the first piece I composed and performed with my own software. It's a major milestone for me! I used my "SQ16" sequencer application to generate MIDI messages that control virtual instruments in Logic Studio. SQ16 is part of my ajm objects library for Max/MSP. [Note: SQ16 was only released as part of ajm objects 0.7. If you are very brave you can find a link for this older version at the bottom of the ajm objects page. SQ16 will be replaced with a newer sequencing app at some point]

This recording is from a live performance (well, "live" from my apartment). I pre-composed most of the material, but the piece is not set in stone. It must be performed by mixing together the different elements and choosing when to change from one section to another (kind of like DJ'ing). After the recording I did some post-production to adjust levels and delete a few accidents, but this is pretty close to the original performance.