Music » Ergs Of Titan

Duration 3:43
Completed March 2009
Description An endless sea of sand on a foreign moon.


I wrote this over the course of about 2 weeks for the Camel Audio Song Competition. The rules of the contest were to produce a song using only Camel's Alchemy Synthesizer. There were a few exceptions to the only-use-Alchemy rule, but I decided to go 100% Alchemy. Specifically, I used 9 instances of this synth and nothing else. Composed and produced in Ableton Live 7.

Camel describes this product as the "ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer" and after spending a few weeks with it, I can't really argue. I'm quite impressed spectral and granular synthesis/resynthesis and easy-to-use performance features. I expect to be using it some more in the future.

About the title: an erg is a sand sea. Saturn's moon, Titan, has them.
An erg from Earth:

Image taken from Rosino's Flickr photostream
under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 license.